It Works For Me [or Toasty Fingers, Part 2]

After buying a voltmeter and new wire clips, I located a good live wire and relocted the power feed for the handgrip warmers there. Turns out that it’s my running light wire, which dims a bit on “high”, but seems to have enough power to run it. The grips certainly got nice and warm.

The disappointing thing, though, is that it doesn’t warm the outside of the hands. The inside which clutches the grip is very toasty… almost too toasty, in fact, but the outside is still chilled. However, even though it gets a little uncomfortable, it’s MUCH better than before. In fact, I can lower my minimum riding temperature down into the teens from the mid 20s at least. I know it was 20 when I just rode and quite bearable with the new grips.

Next, I need to somehow keep my chin warm…

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