A Return To The Airways

Next week, I will be in training/orientation at the Redmond campus. This means that not only will I be traveling again, but I will be able to add a new airport to my list. My first trip itinerary was to pass through my home town of Houston on Sunday. That’s not going to happen now – not with a rather large storm hanging offshore at the moment. Now, I’ll be going through Newark – much less fun, but actually a shorter flight.

Bad thing is, though, I lost my upgrade…

Chicago Pictures

I have finally added some of our pictures of Chicago. You’ll find a good sample of some of the city’s sights there – including the famous Buckingham Fountain. I know Laura and I had fun there for our anniversary in May of this year, so I’d like to share some pictures of one of my favorite cities with you as well.

All I know is that I have a long way to go before I’m done with our picture backlog.

[Update: I like the bigger pictures – I think I’ll do this from now on.]

The Man With The Limp

A friend once told me “I never trust a man without a limp…” Well, I’ve got my limp now. The road rash on my knee is hurting pretty good and hindering me from walking smoothly… Not only do I have a limp, but now my left hand is in a splint – makes it kinda hard to type, but I’ll manage.

The sad thing is I didn’t get pictures of the bike yet – undamaged that is. Now, all of them will have the “scars” showing…


My wrist/hand is fractured… it’s not a good feeling. We’ll be going to the doctor’s again tomorrow morning to get a more thorough check and some instructions on care and feeding. Laura has no breaks, but we’re both feeling more sore today than we were yesterday. I guess the adrenaline is wearing off…


Now, I’ve went and done it.

Today, after Church, we went to a baptism. All in all, it was a great time. That is, until we left. Right after we left (riding the motorcycle, of course), we were riding down the street nice and slow when a little girl jumped out in front of us on a bicycle – not even looking. So, I slammed on the brakes… which is something you shouldn’t do on a motorcycle. We fell and slid a bit. Fortunately, we have no broken bones, but we are bruised and scraped and we’ll be hitting the doctor’s office tomorrow.

Oh, and the little girl is probably just scared a little – and hopefully will think twice about not looking before she goes into the street.

New Weblog Version

I have upgraded the weblog software to the latest version of MovableType: 3.2. You may not notice a difference, but I certainly will. Much better are the functions for blocking comment and trackback spam as well as a more streamlined management interface for me. It also allows for me to grant “Most Favored Status” to some of my commenters so that they can publish without having to be moderated. In that vein, if I do grant you status, please remember to be tasteful in your language as your comments will show up unmoderated – but then, I can always delete them!