More Travel And Kitchen

Last week, I added a new airport to my list: Fayetteville, NC. Not big news, just one of my rare (at least now) business trips. There’s not much to do in Fayetteville, so I don’t really have anything to write about.

However, I do have some things to say about our “completed” home remodel. I’m beginning to learn that project completion is a fluid definition. All the flooring, cabinets and counter tops are installed, true, and most of the electrical is done. The last piece of electrical will be our over-bar pendant lights which we have yet to choose. We still have to finish the kitchen backsplash as well, but that is what I’m calling “phase 2” of the project. At least, I’m calling it that so I can say this one is finished… when it’s finally done.

One of the big unfinished things is that our dishwasher was leaking and we only found out about that after it was re-installed and began to leak on our new floor. So we have been doing without for a couple of months now. A couple of weeks ago, we ordered a new one that was supposed to be installed last week. However, it was damaged on arrival and another had to be ordered. Luckily, the new one came in the next day and will be installed this morning.

As if that wasn’t enough, several manufacturing flaws were discovered on the cabinets that now need to be fixed. Fortunately, the manufacturer has sent us all the replacement parts and will be swapping out the bad pieces for us.

Maybe we’ll be done with this thing eventually.