New Blog Editing Tool

I’ve just discovered the Windows Live Writer tool for editing and posting blog entries. I’ve tried tools like Zempt in the past with limited success, but I have to say that this one is awesome. I can post to both this blog and my new one [see below] with relative ease. Spell check even works!

This post was created with it. Now my next test will be to see how it deals with embedded pictures from my photo gallery. If I had a picture to post, I’d do it now, but… I been busy. No pics. Sorry!

No Time To Blog

2012-01-08 23:30:23

I’m just dropping in a note to say “I’m alive”.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write because we’ve been going 13-15 hours a day in the Directory Ranger class. This schedule is tough. Not only that, but I’ve been sick and am only just now feeling better.

I got sick sometime last week at TechReady, whether it was on the plane I caught it or at the event, I’ll never know. But by Thursday, I was fully sick with a sinus infection. This made my flight home very painful for my sinuses and ears. Then, Sunday I flew again with the same dificulty. I’ve been very lethargic all week until maybe Wed. when the sinus stuff started to go away. Of course, at the same time, Wed. night, I woke up and the left half of my face was swollen and puffy. I figure it is some sort of lymph node that is swollen. The swelling was very bad on Thursday and I felt feverish.

The good news is the swelling has gone down and the feverish feelings have gone away and I’m feeling much much better. All I have left now is a minor sniffle.

The bad news is that I had to suffer through all of this while sitting in training and forcing myself to pay attention when all I wanted to do was sleep. And worse: Laura isn’t here to take care of me 😦

And The Miles Go On…

TechReady 6 [our internal training seminar for Microsoft employees] is now over, with some really cool presentations by BillG and a wonderful guest speaker: Michio Kaku. I read his book “Hyperspace” and highly recommend it for those of you who are interested in theoretical physics.

Now, I’m on the road again – flying back home for an ever-so-brief reunion with Laura only to hop on another plane again on Sunday. It’s not too bad, but it’s my hope that the Ranger training will be somewhat slower paced, what with the parties and dinners that we had to attend here.

Of course, while I was here, I got sick somewhere. Some kind of sinus thing. Could have been the airplane and travel that I’m no longer used to, or just some freak accident. But, I had to power through it anyway. I even passed an exam on my worst-feeling day. But now I go home to Laura and some rest. Then, I get to come back to Redmond and do some more work. Should be more interesting but less exciting – which is better for me in my current state.

And I didn’t get very many pictures.

Did You Vote?

Or, will you when your state’s primary is come? I’d encourage you to go out and vote. And vote especially your conscience – not the “winnable” candidate. If you like someone who’s trailing, the primary is the time to vote for them. You may never get another chance, you know.

Be a trend-setter: don’t do what everyone else does, or what the media says to do. Go out and express yourself.

I voted early since I’ll be out of town for Virginia’s primary next week.

Wireless Workplace

Don’t you love technology? I mean, until recently, we were all relegated to working at our work locations – offices, customers sites, etc. in order to do our jobs. Now, I can either work from home or work from a place like Panera with free WiFi. I mean, when you can get great coffee and bagels and just sit and work on whatever you want, things are just good.

Recently, I have obtained better access to a server we bought to assist in development for a project. I took it and have rebuilt it as a new Windows Server 2008 box, complete with the new Hyper-V beta software [don’t worry if you don’t know what that is… it’s the newest version of Virtual Server] to run some test boxes. My final aim will be to make the server a TS Gateway box so that all machines can be accessed via the same internet connection across port 443. But, I think I need a new IP address for that.

How does this tie in with the subject? Well, TS Gateway will allow for access to the server lab from anywhere regardless of network firewall restrictions as long as the Internet is available. So, it’s very handy for working at places like Panera, or even customer sites.

So, back to the old “grind” [heh – nice pun, eh? Grind? Coffee… get it… ? … nevermind…]