Home Renovations: Part 14 – Paint

Now that the tile is done, we are moving into the final stretch of the remodel.

Painting, which had we known which color we wanted, could have been done earlier in the process with less disruption. But, to choose a color, we needed the cabinets, counters, and tile all in place with the lighting in order to determine the best color. So it was a catch-22 proposition. Can’t choose before, but painting after is harder.

After several shades of gray (yes, too much color would detract from the beautiful blue cabinets – or compete), we landed on a very mild gray called “Olympus White”. It’s not white. I’m not sure why the call it that. But, those paint companies have to come up with creative names for “gray” all the time.

We had our contractor paint the ceiling a very bright white – brighter than even “ceiling white” which is pretty bright. We wanted it to lighten up the room since we removed a window and a door – we didn’t want to lose that light completely.

Everything had to be covered – we had the ceiling paint sprayed on, and even with the coverings, it went everywhere.

The sloped ceiling was the hardest part, but the painter brought scaffolding to help with the process and wrapped the lights to protect them.

Once the ceiling was done and dry, the wall color went on in the corners first. Notice how dark it looks here? Well, it dried a much lighter color.

This is the finished color for the kitchen walls and ceiling.

And since we were at it, we had the painter do the entry way. You may wonder why we bothered? Well, see how tall the ceiling is here:

I am not getting up on a ladder here.


Again: nope.

But it looks nice. It’s a slightly darker shade of the same tone of gray, which is the exact same color as the back wall of the living room, the gym room and the hallway, so it’s now unified.

When we decide to finish painting the upstairs hallway, we’re almost done already.

Now that the painting is done, there are only a few more touches to finish.

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