Server Down!

Obviously not anymore, but the day before Thanksgiving, after hearing the UPS battery warning telling me that it was time to replace it, I decided … well, it was time to replace it.

So, I invested in a slightly more powerful UPS unit and got it home. I shut down the host server, unplugged it from the old broken UPS, removed the old UPS and replaced it with a new one, plugged everything back in and… nothing. The switch worked but the server was DOA.

Seems it gave up the ghost right at that moment and the power supply just died. I ordered a new one and presto, we now have a web site again. This time, I’m ordering a backup power supply – especially since the server supports hot-swappable redundant power supplies and they are only $39 a piece. I think they were much more when I originally bought the server.

The box came this evening and I simply inserted the new power supply and plugged it in.

It’s simple when it works… and frustrating when it doesn’t.