The Ever Changing Face…

I like to change things every once in a while. At present, I am toying with web styles. I like to change the colors and feel of the site periodically. This look is nice and clean, but I’m still looking for a distinctive “me” look. I am trying to learn more and more about CSS and how I can use that to make the page look spiffy and stylistically consistent. So, if you happen to be browsing to my site and see it look hideous or illegible, then I might just be in the process of testing a new look. Or, I might just have very bad taste! If you see something that is truly hideous, please let me know… leave a comment or something… I love comments… at least comments from people and not SPAM generating machines…

San Francisco It Is… For Now

But all I know is that I’ll be there two more weeks. After that is still a toss up. The projects are fighting over me. It’s kinda nice to be wanted. However, I still don’t know much past 2 weeks. That seems to be the magic number on this project. They will probably keep me until the end of April [note: last time it was March] if they had their way. So, I have adopted the attitude that it doesn’t matter to me anymore. If I stay on this project, I will get to go to some exciting places, like Puerto Rico and Australia. If I go to the new project I get to go to Kentucky… but the work will be challenging and exciting.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Well, not that it’s my decision to make, you understand… I just work here.

Where Oh Where Will I Be?

2012-01-08 23:28:54

I have no clue as to my whereabouts past next week. I know I will come to San Francisco again next week, but after that my destiny is rather unclear. First – on this project, I may or may not go to Tucson… or Australia… or San Juan, Puerto Rico… or maybe even come back here [to San Francisco]. That’s all up for grabs. Second – I’m wanted on another project and they will transition me as soon as they can get someone to take my place. If they’re fast, then I’ll transition off next week and the week after, I’ll be in Kentucky. Yep. Kentucky. I don’t think I’ve ever worked there. Driven through, yes. Worked? No.

My work life is a bit confusing to me. I’d like some structure, please!

I’m torn about my choices here – not that I have much of one. I have to go where they send me. While the work on this current project puts me to sleep in 30 seconds flat, I get to travel to some awesome places. However, this new project would keep me in Kentucky for a while (not real exciting) but I would get to use my higher-level design skills. The work would be much more exciting and more of what I’m trained for.

City By The Bay

I am now enjoying my suite in the hotel in San Francisco. I could see the bay and the ocean from my window if it weren’t for the very poor weather. It has rained the whole time I have been here today. In fact, the flight here was delayed because of rain and fog here. Through the clouds I have caught glimpses of the Bay Bridge. I haven’t wanted to leave the hotel – the night is so dreary. But leave I did. I found some good sushi right down the street. This city is more expensive, but I found some fairly moderately priced sushi. I had to walk in the rain, though. But for good sushi, I’ll walk through rain and then some!

Tomorrow, I hope to get up early and enjoy my free breakfast. I’m usually on such an odd schedule (like I will be next week) that I sleep too late and miss the free breakfast and come back too late to get free snacks in the lounge. Not this time, though. This will be (mostly) a regular work week. I think I could get used to that… not working at night. Sleeping late is fun, but after a while, it’s not really sleeping late… it’s just shifting your hours around. I still need an alarm clock.

One day soon, maybe I’ll change this part of my life.

Not Quite As Much As I Thought…

They changed my travel plans yet again. It looks like I won’t be California city-hopping after all. Instead, I’ll just fly to San Francisco and stay there for the whole week. Who knows what will happen after that. Not quite as much of a Road Warrior, eh?

This is a crazy project. I never seem to know where I’ll be from one week to the next. Stability? Future Plans? What’s that?

Road Warrior

Well, it looks like I may get to travel even more next week. First, I’ll fly back to Orange County where I’ve been going for the past several months. Then, I’ll fly up to San Francisco. That’ll be cool. I haven’t been there in quite a while. Of course, this time of year, it’ll be kinda cold. But that’s okay by me.

These last two days I have been working in Long Beach. I don’t really like this part of Long Beach. There are no good restaurants here. Tomorrow, I get to go back south into Orange County again.

It makes me wonder sometimes: why do I travel? I travel for work almost every week. Then, when I go on vacation, what do I do? I travel! I go far and wide! Am I insane? Sometimes… I just like to go and see…

I’m Back!

After a fun-filled, exciting, relaxing vacation in the island paradise of Hawaii, I’m back to work in Orange County. It’s not much, but at least I can still see the Pacific Ocean. In a couple of weeks, I might get to work in San Francisco.

It felt strange to get on a plane so soon after an eight hour flight and after only spending a day and a half at home, and even more strange to come home to Houston when it’s colder there than where I came from! I more frequently travel back to Humid Houston from some other cold, snowy place – like Minneapolis. Yes, I know it’s a run-on sentence, but I’m allowed. It’s my site and it’s not like very many people read this…

Anyway: I’ve also posted underwater pictures of the dives. We will slowly be adding the names of the fish [including their Hawaiian names] to each picture. That way, you can search and find the exact fish you might be looking for. One day, maybe I’ll retire and just be a professional photographer… That would be fun. But, as you can tell from my pictures, I may have talent but I need training, practice, experience and better equipment… It’ll take time, but I’ll do it.

Reality Returns

So: the journey to paradise is about to be over. We all have to go home sometime. Funny thing is, as much as I love this place and enjoy just being here, I’m longing for my home: I want my bed, my clothes, my house: my space. It’s strange how no matter how cool things are where you go that you always have to have a place to come home to. We’ve done many exciting things here: dove in lava-based coral reefs, seen exotic fish, gone through rain forests, met famous people [for those of you fantasy buffs, I met Terry Brooks and his wife.] and otherwise saw many breathtaking landscapes. I think I’ll definitely come back.

But I want to go home now.