DNA Testing

I’m becoming more and more fascinated by genealogy and tracing my family history back to wherever it might go. In playing with Ancestry.com, I’ve found many lines of people going back to Virginia and Maryland of all places – now, it seems I’ve come full circle.

In order to get a better picture of the line, I’ve decided to get a DNA test. I’m rather interested to see what it might show. Especially since I’m having some difficulty locating the Native American people in the line. I’m pretty sure I found a few in Laura’s lineage, so her DNA test should show that. I’m hoping mine will show some too, but it looks more and more likely that it will be smaller than I previously believed.

I hope to find connections to the Phillips line all the way back to England. I may have found the link, but without corroborating documents or any evidence, I may not know. But if I can link my tree and DNA results to someone else’s tree who has stronger documentation, then maybe I can nail down that long-lost ancestor – and it won’t be a dead end in 1739 with Solomon Phillips. I have good documentation up to that, but then it all falls apart.

But, 1739 is nothing to sneeze at – the family has been here a long time. Longer than I previously thought.

I’m kind of excited to see what the test shows.