Office At Last

And I don’t mean for work!

I’ve finally gotten Laura’s desk set up and her computer assembled down in the dungeon/office space at the new house. There are some “fitting” issues we need to solve – like a longer ethernet cable for her and some more space to store our stuff [unless we get rid of some more stuff…]

All in all, though, we like the place pretty well. Very well, in fact. We just need different furniture in this place: not everything we had fits very well in it. Of course, it was like that in the old place, but not so bad. We’re looking at having to buy some furniture to replace some of the pieces that we were borrowing in our old place, like a second couch and the wardrobe that I kept my motorcycle gear in.

So, here I am – downstairs with all computers operational again [except the Toshiba laptop, which for some reason is very unstable] typing on my blog. I know I’ve been remiss on my postings, but hopefully things will settle down some and I’ll have some more time to let you all know what’s going on ’round here.

4th Of July Pictures

I’ve finally posted the pictures of the fireworks from the DC celebration of the 4th of July. It’s taken a while to get to them, and I probably shouldn’t have since I have so much unpacking to do, but… Well, call it creative procrastination.

Fireworks are hard to do and one thing we learned is that location is everything. Next year [or next time whenever that may be], we will have a much better idea of where we want to be. If it’s near this bridge, we have a spot picked out already – one that will give us a view of both the Lincoln and Washington memorials with fireworks over them. We’ll see how that works out whenever we get down there again.

All Moved In

We’re all moved into our new place now, and after a week’s worth of vacation around the moving weekend, I’m back at the office. It’s much more physically relaxing here, that’s for sure. No carrying heavy book boxes… oh -wait. I didn’t do that – the guys did that. See, I have friends… lots of them. And they all showed up of Saturday to help me move. They did a bang-up job. Really fast, too.

So – here’s to you all who helped: THANK YOU!!! (and I’ll try not to move again any time soon…)

We love the new house, and my ride into the office today was not bad at all. Only too about 15 minutes to get back to the Reston area where I’m working for a while. I even have some cool neighbors – I can walk to my friend John’s house… not that I would actually walk or anything…

We may be moved in, but we’re cetainly not settled. There are many hundreds of boxes to finish unpacking yet. My work away from work.

It Begins

It’s already “begun”, but now the packing/moving begins in earnest. We have 3.5 floors in this townhouse, and we’re completely done with 1.5 of those three. We have two to go and today, I hope to finish the vast majority of those. The basement is kind of half done, but the garage isn’t touched and the only thing in my office that we’ve packed are the books. As for one floor up: I’ve packed some clothes from the bedroom and we’ve done the dining room. The two biggies remain: kitchen and bedroom.We should get those knocked out today.

I’ll be leaving the computers up and running here for the time being until I get my new Internet service up at the new place. So, you have a few more days to browse the pictures at a higher speed.

Happy Independance Day!

I hope you had a good one! I know we did. We spent the day downtown with some good friends and then hiked out to the Arlington Bridge to watch the fireworks. We got a hotel room and it made the day go by easier – we got to rest in the middle of the day between the touring downtown [at a fesitval and a couple of museums] and the night of fireworks.

I’ll be posting pictures once I process them. It will take some time to get through them all…

Short Week

It’s gonna be a short week, this week is. Well, short for work – long for play. The 4th of July holiday falls on Wednesday, so I’ll be working Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Laura and I and our friends the Gregorys will venture downtown for the celebration in DC. We’ll be staying in a hotel in Arlington so we don’t have to fight the crowds too much.

We’ll be taking pictures of all that we can, of course, but the celebration in the capitol is one we’ve never yet seen even though we’ve lived here through two already.

After that, we’ll sight-see some more downtown and then head back to Reston where more packing will commence. Packing. Yuck.