It’s that time of year again. We get to pretend like we are young and spry and play softball.

Today, we held our first practice and we are SORE! We went through some exercises yesterday for agility training, so our feet and legs are sore. But today, there was throwing and hitting so my shoulder and arms are sore.

Oh, yeah. I’m really not 18 anymore… ouch…

Changing Headlines

I’ve been told I should update the blog since we’ve been back from the trip to Florida for about a week.

The trip was good and while there, we got to experience some of that Gulf weather – a torrential rain storm broke in on Friday evening and there were enough dangerous winds at stops on our way back that our flights were delayed for over 2 hours. We were among the lucky ones. One girl we sat next to had been at the airport for over 12 hours longer than she planned. It was bad winds that kept the planes down.

As for work, well… there is none. Not right now. This whole week has been very slow – which helped me get some much needed rest and to spend some good quality time with Laura. That was very helpful since I’d been gone for about 3 weeks in a row. Next time, It won’t be so long.

On The Road – Again!

In the morning, Laura and I will be journeying to Florida where I will work and she will play. She’ll work a little on some photos for a customer, but mainly she’ll get to relax in the warm weather. I’ll get to work – did I mention that? After having just gotten back from Seattle for 3 weeks, I wasn’t about to leave her here by herself – I kinda like hangin’ out with her, you know?

This is actually going to be my first customer business trip with Microsoft. All of my previous travel has been for training only. I think that’s a pretty good record – almost 3 years without a customer trip. At IBM, it was reversed – I went years without working in Houston.

While I’m there, I’ll be able to visit my friend Jeremy and hang with him for a bit.

Maybe, with this trip, I’ll get up to Silver on Continental. I lost my status on March 1st – I am now a ‘nobody’… 😦 Oh, the misery – it was either Platinum or Family. Yeah: tough choice.

Close Call

I flew back from the Seattle area yesterday and arrived home late last night. After working 14 hours a day in the same room with the same 14 guys for 14 days [there’s got to be some numerological significance there], I’m VERY glad to be home. I’m especially glad that I don’t have to stay in Woodinville anymore. It was quite a long drive to the office and the corporate apartment was not pleasant.

Imagine my surprise, however, when I flip on the news this afternoon and find out that Woodinville was victim to eco-terrorists! I just have to say that I’m glad I’m not there anymore! Of course, by no stretch of the imagination would the apartments I’d been staying in be considered “luxury” homes…