Less Is More

I’ve now gone through a few more directories of pictures in my backlog, and I have to say that Lightroom is most helpful in letting me do this in one application. I was able to process and post several pictures including some pictures from the most recent ice storm.

So, now, I have a few less pictures than 11,261 after deleting some bad ones. It’s now closer to 11,178… That’s some progress, at least.


The snow has stopped, so I went out to shovel the driveway and porch. Just as I was finishing, there was renewed percipitation. It was a wet frozen rain. So – now that we’ve gotten the snow out of our driveways in my street, we have to wait and wonder if the streets will ice up with this new layer of slickness that’s out there.

And I really hope it doesn’t affect the inbound flights – so far, we’re okay.


Today, Laura is due to fly back from Texas, but I’m worried. I’m worried because the ground and roads look worse than the picture above and it’s still coming down. I have Continental and Dulles Airport web pages open for easy refresh to give me status, but I’m doubtful that they can stay ahead of as much snow is coming down. They said we were only supposed to have 1 inch or so. We’ve passed 6 or 7 so far.

There’s so much snow, that I can’t even pick up the Weather Channel – so much for satelite TV.


That’s how many digital pictures I have – and those aren’t the copies, just single shots – all originals. If you add the copies, well, maybe triple that number.

I’ve been playing with Adobe Lightroom and it has this wonderful feature which counts all the pictures you load into it, and I’ve loaded all of mine. I think… So I’m working on my backlog and I’ve already processed a couple of directories, but I have over 30 to go before I even begin to go back to the main archive to start taging, or labeling my photos with categories for easy searching.

Of course, this doesn’t include most of my film shots. Although some are scanned, most are not. Well, maybe later I’ll do some scanning. Much later.

Down It Comes… Again.

Today, there were supposed to be “light flurries”, but what is going on outside is far from light. We’ve got what looks like an inch of snow so far with more coming – and fast too. It’s coming down so hard, it is like fog: I can’t see the other side of the street.

It’s slowed down since I wrote that, but it’s still coming down. Maybe I’ll have to work from home tomorrow. After all – it is a holiday.

New Look

I’ve been playing around with themes for the web site, if you can’t tell. It’s been so cold up here, I felt we needed a “cold” theme. The picture in the banner is a picture of a road near our house – yes, it’s that cold and colder. The ice won’t be going anywhere for a while, even when it gets into the 50s next week.

Very Cold Today

It’s cold today – in fact, it’s colder today here in Virginia than it is at my sister’s place in Laramie, Wyoming. It looks like the ice will not be melting any time soon. At least I was able to drive into work today. This is a good thing, I think. That means that I might be able to go to the gym in the morning. The snow won’t be melting, which is cool, but it’s not going to get any worse yet – no new ice.

So, back off to work I go – sitting in a freezing cold data center.

Piles And Piles

Today, I had to take time to shovel the piles of ice and snow out of the driveway. I still didn’t completely finish, but it is clear enough to drive out of. I still have to scrape and shovel the steps and front stoop, though, so no walking out of that door – it’s got at least a foot of ice-hardened packed snow.

That iced over snow is VERY hard to shovel. There was maybe 6 to 8 inches of ice-fall last night that has hardened into some kind of shell that can support my body weight while I walk over it. Then, I have to break it up and sling it out of the way… I thought I was going to the gym tonight, but it looks like my driveway is my gym today.