A Day of House Work [In and Out]

Gardening is hard work – especially when you find some kind of rock under the topsoil. Digging around it, we found that it could be broken into pieces. Not easily, but it could be done. So, for the last hour or so, we’ve been digging through it just to get holes deep enough for some flowers. Of course, we had to borrow a shovel to do this work, so that’s now on the list of stuff we have to buy.

The barbeque is going well – I think I have the temperature down where it needs to be. It takes a lot of work just to check on it during the day. I’m glad I have nowhere else to be!

I’m also working on the new web site, or rather, redirecting the old website to the new domain name. This is the web site for our new photography business name: Phillips Photographik. It’s the same site for now that the old one pointed to, but now I’ve changed some of the language to reflect that it’s Laura and I, and updated the contact emails. I still have to update the banner.

It will take some time for us to finalize a logo, but we’ll get it done. At least this gives us a start!

We’ve been stagnant for so long, but things are going to change soon.

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is having a great memorial day. Just be sure to remember those who gave their lives so that you can live free.

As for us, we are barbequing. It’s what you’re supposed to do on Memorial Day, right? Fire up the smoker and cook the meat. I’m going for 10 hours on the brisket today and I hope it will be good!

At least it’s not boiling hot up here – 70 degrees is nice!


Well, not exactly “smoking” but the charcoal is. We’re heatin’ up the ole grill and using it to grill some burgers and a kabob this time. We have some new metal grills to replace the old “well used” ones, so I’m really firing it up to season them. But, why waste a fire, yes?

Let’s cook!

Soon, it will be ready to grill and the meat will be sizzlin’.

It’s sure good to be home, now!

Sometimes Bad Weather Is Bad

Normally, I like a little rain. It soothes me: restores my sense of balance. But not today. Today, It’s just caused me to be very late. Late because I’m supposed to be in the air right now. I’m supposed to be about to land in Newark on my way to Seattle for training.

That’s not happening. Instead, what’s happening is that I’m delayed. I’m sitting next to the gate waiting. Waiting on a departure in hopes that I can make my connection.

Now, the rain is not so soothing. I could have stayed home longer. I could have spent more time with Laura. But, no: the rain has conspired to keep me in a little chair next to a little door waiting to get on a little plane.

Fun. Not.