Old Black Water, Keep On Rollin’

I don’t think it’s what the Doobie Brothers were thinking about, but I’m sitting at my desk with a glass of black water. Yes, BLACK water. One day a couple of months ago, Laura was shopping and came across a black bottle of water with a label that said it had a high pH level: 9.0 – which is 2 points above the normal 7 of regular water. This is supposed to be healthy due to the fact that we eat too much acidic food (like sugar, etc.) So she bought it to try out.

She got it home and I see this bottle sitting on the counter. “What’s that?” I say. “Oh. It’s a new high-pH water I saw. I want to try it out.” Great. I pick it up to look at it. The bottle is so dark, you can’t see anything through it… until I look closer. Seems it’s not the bottle that’s dark, but the water. It’s actually BLACK WATER. For real. See?


It’s been sitting on the counter for two months after I noticed that the actual water was black. Tonight, it bothered me enough that it was just sitting there, so I popped it open and poured it over some ice. It’s not bad. It has a very minerally taste. Like there’s sand in the water. But, it’s healthy. Right?

If you’re curious, go to their site and read more.