What? No TV???

This afternoon, I sat down on my couch to watch a little TV and relax only to find to my chagrin, that the rather new Samsung LN46A750 turns itself on and off continuously! This is way not good.

A quick search online tells me that this is a known problem and that there is a fix for it by flashing the TV. Awesome.

Now if I can only keep the TV from turning off so that I can flash it…

That would be a “no”. Now, I have to have someone come and fix it. Grr.

I’m so glad this happened while it is under warranty!

Feel The Heat

Today, I went on a ride with my motorcycle club from South Riding to Frederick, MD. It’s not that long of a ride, but doing it with a group of 35 or so people takes quite a bit of time. In fact, the round trip plus lunch took over 6 hours.

That wouldn’t have been so bad except for one thing: it was over 90 degrees outside today! Ouch! It’s not so bad when you’re moving, but once you stop, the heat gets very uncomfortable.

Anyway, it was all in all a great ride except for the heat. Then I got home. Seems that even though our HVAC has been repaired, that I forgot to reset the thermostat and put it on Auto instead of Heat. Well, it’s over 80 in the house now and it’s still uncomfortable for me to move around.

Maybe I’ll just go lay on the tile floor… too bad it’s fake tile. Won’t really be cool enough.

Cherry Blossoms and Other Things

Okay, so I don’t post nearly as regularly as I should, but at least I do post and I try to do it at least once a month.

So the AC is now finally fixed and operating as it’s supposed to.

And I’m sore like I haven’t been since high-school spring football [and not recovering near as fast] due to some increased workout activity. I’ve been doing a little of that P90X workout once per week and it really tears me up. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do it 5 days per week.

So, we went out and got great pictures of cherry blossoms.

Now, all we need to do is post the thousands of remaining pictures…

HVAC Issues

Over the last couple of days, we’ve noticed that our heating and air-conditioning system was not functioning correctly. On the one hot day, we couldn’t get it to cool [luckily, it wasn’t that hot – only high 70s] and the rest of the days, it seemed like it just wouldn’t get warm.

After playing with it a little bit and smelling some strange electronic burning smell, we discovered that while the main furnace/AC was functioning, the fan system was not blowing. It was getting hot inside the furnace, but nowhere else. We had someone look at it today.

Sure enough, it was a bad circuit board – the one that switched the fan to “on” was broken. The technician bypassed the board for today and ordered the part. It should be in next week.

For now, we have heat – which is great since it got below 60 in the house this morning. I think we might be up to 68 or so by now. All this means that I had to work at the house today [since Laura had been called on to work an emergency shift due to someone’s illness I think and wasn’t able to be home] and sit freezing in the basement most of the morning. Hence my ability to take 5 and blog…

Maybe I’ll even get some of my work administration done. Status reports, research, etc. Stuff that normally doesn’t get done in a timely fashion when I have to sit with the customer all day.

Sunrise In DC?

Tomorrow, we’re going on an outing to hit DC before sunrise and take some pictures of the cherry trees and monuments. This is not a normal “get up” time for us by any means, but we will head out from the house about 4:15AM [ouch!] to get downtown about 5AM.

We’re going to take some low-light pictures first, scout out the area and then take some sunrise pictures of the trees.

So it’s off to bed early so I can get up!