Remotely Connected

2012-01-08 23:29:50

I’m presently working at a location [near Alexandria, VA] where I’m unable to plug in my laptop. Not that I’m not allowed, but I’m in the center of a room and finding cables and ports is kind of a chore. So – I turned on Bluetooth on my phone, established a pairing with my computer, and dialed up the Internet.

Yep. Internet from the phone. It’s better than the old CSD line speed of 9.6kbps – I’m connected at EDGE speeds of 184kbps. Not bad, but not all that zippy. Verizon & Sprint have a better data service. Of course, Cingular does too, but my phone can’t use it. They’re supposed to have a new model coming out soon that will support it.

Maybe I’ll get one of those…


I think I’m going to try my hand at Adobe Flash. I have no idea how to use it, but I want an animated graphic on my photography site, so I’ll have to wing it. Anyone out there do free work?

[UPDATE:] Scratch that… Flash sucks. What a bunch of … well, let’s just say it’s non-intuitive. I got what I wanted another way…


While Laura is upstairs learning how best to organize her scrapbook supplies and such, I’m taking yet another stab at finishing organizing my pictures. I have still so many more to go, but I will eventually get them all in the proper place so that I can begin to tag and burn them to DVD. Yes, I actually already have them in two places, so they are backed-up to a point. But, I want an off-computer backup. That’s where the DVDs come in.

What I am doing with the pictures, though, is organizing by shoot. There are several rules I have come to apply to this process. 1) A shoot cannot be more than one day long. Say you have a trip and you take several days worth of photos. Each day would be at least its own shoot. 2) A shoot must have a common theme or location. So, in the trip example above, you went to Paris. You would have a “shoot” of the Eifel tower, and a “shoot” of the Louvre. 3) Sometimes, a shoot consists of one photo.

So, I am breaking up my shoots into years: 1998, 1999, etc. on up through 2006 so far [duh]. The most space is taken up by 2006 since I have the 5D pictures in there [13MB a piece]. New shoots are easier to organize. What’s taking so long are the old shoots. I had previously taken over 6,000 pictures. Most, I had organized into trips, some into days. However, I had another copy of these pictures organized by category: flowers, mountains, people, etc. These are taking quite a while to go through.

Back to work I go…

Going It Alone

It looks like this year’s dive trip, Dive Turkey V, will be just Laura and I. We sent out wide-ranging invitations, but didn’t get a single “yes” this year. Ah, well, at least we’ll have fun! Can’t say as much for those of you slackers out there – you know who you are – who bowed out this year.

We’re still hoping you change your minds…

In other related news, we now have a waterproof case for our Canon S80 so that we can take higher resolution pictures underwater. I’m really psyched about that.

Yet Another Upgrade

I’ve upgraded my Exchange server to the newest available build [as of a couple days ago… I think there was a new one tonight, but it would have taken too long to download] – 685. I have to say, it is faster than the old version. Let’s hope it’s more stable, too.

Speaking of upgrades: I think it’s time I finished the Server Upgrade plan. The plan was to add a second processor and more RAM, so I’ll set aside some money for the upgrades and hopefully, in a little while, I will have the parts I need to finish… for now, anyway. I bought enough system board to hold 24GB of RAM and that is a bit pricey.

Deep Diving

Today we went diving… in a swimming pool! Yes, I know I said “Deep Diving” for the title, but this is in preparation for our dive trip to Curacao for Thanksgiving. The water was 69 degrees, but our gear all checked out and we felt comfortable, if not entirely warm. When we go, we’ll do the same thing again, but from the shore.

Now, we’ll have to start thinking about anything we need for the trip and might need to plan to buy… such as an underwater housing for our new [newish?] Canon S80. I’m so spoiled on my 5D, that going back to a pocket camera will be quite a stretch, even if only for underwater pictures.

More Work-outs

I’ve just now completed one full week of 6 workouts – one per day except Sunday. On MWF, I lifted and TThS, I ran. What this means is that for two full and one partial weeks I have been able to maintain a workout schedule. Next week might be more difficult as I will be working a different schedule, but let’s hope I can keep it up.

Today, I ran in the damp cold and it was nice – I like the cold. I was able to run about 2.8 miles in 36 minutes. Not the fastest pace, but certainly health-building and that’s what I’m after.

And on the seventh day, I will rest…

Fishing Pictures

I’ve finally posted some pictures of my fishing trip [hosted by my friend John – as seen in the pics] earlier in September. We went out late on Sunday and came back early Monday. He kept the fish, but next time, I think I’ll take a few home.

We caught plenty and it didn’t take very long.

I think we’re slated to go out on the water some time this month. Don’t know when, though.