Return Of The Mileage Run

This year, it just so happens that I am very close to achieving Silver Elite status on Continental. So I thought it might be a good time for a mileage run. I know I won’t have any business travel that will give me the miles, so I found an incredibly low cost plane ticket to Gulfport, MS. Yep. The exciting town of Gulfport. Having never been there, I will get to add another airport to my list as well as another state. Even though I’ll only transit through, I think that qualifies as "being there" in my book. This trip will take me into Silver qualifying range. I’ll earn back my Elite status and the benefits that go with it, such as no baggage fees [big one there], quicker security screening, and even the remote possibility of First Class upgrades, which I’ve discovered doesn’t happen much for the lowly Silver like it did when I was Platinum.

Mind you, I’m not complaining at all that I haven’t been able to earn Elite status like I once was, but this year I was close enough and flights were cheap enough for me to give this one a whirl. The trip is in December, and I should see my "lifetime miles" go up above 700K…