::: who am i :::

Born a native Houstonian (one of the few), I have travelled the world since I was 3. I have lived in Texas, California, France, Virginia, and now Washington and intend to live in some other country one day. For my day job, I work in the computer industry as a consultant. I am interested in travel (obviously), photography (no! really?!?!), music (I play the guitar), computers and technology (again: no surprise), SCUBA diving (in case you haven’t been reading), and church (I am a Christian). I have added motorcycle riding to my list of expensive hobbies. I am married to Laura and we are deliriously happy! We currently live in Sammamish, Washington and are loving the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

2 thoughts on “::: who am i :::”

  1. hey, Jeff, hows it going? I am in the process of putting together something for my Mom”s birthday, and seeing as it”s her 70th, I wanted to have some old friends at the soiree and I was wondering if your parents are still here in Houston. If you could send me their contact info, I would love to invite them to the party. Of course it would be great to have you too but it would be a hell of a commute just for a birthday party.



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