Soon, It Begins

This upcoming week begins our adventure. We will be moving from Texas to Virginia. This means that for a while, the site will be down and inaccessible. It also means that we will be stressed out and tired for many days to come. I’ve packed up all my stuff and will be dropping it off at a friend’s house while I fly back to pack and move.

This should be my last flight for quite some time. I may not even make Platinum this year. That’s fine with me, I suppose. I don’t like losing status, but I like what it implies. Laura and I will be together – far more than we will be apart. This is good. Very good. The worst part is almost over – the longest separation we have yet endured. Soon, though, we will be together every day. I will GLADLY give up my status to be with Laura more. It is what I was made for.

Busy Busy Busy!

I’ve actually been busy this week and I’m not quite used to it! I guess a little ramp up time goes a long way. So, now, I’m working hard. Soon, though, I’ll be moving.

This weekend was very fun as I got a chance to test-ride my dream bike: the BMW K1200S. Not only did they have it in the store, but they had it in my color. It was amazing. Maybe one day soon I can have one…

Added Another State [Or Two]

Friday, for work, I drove out to the tail end of West Virginia to go to a customer site. I can now cross off another state on my “I’ve been to” list. [See my ::: travel map ::: page]. The terrain was very green and hilly and I can’t wait until I have a motorcycle to go up there in the mountains for a ride. Slowly, though… There are a lot of curves on that road…

Also, in looking at my state map, I noticed that I had left off Kentucky. I’d driven most of the way across the state many years ago and looking at a possible route for Laura and I, I saw some cities I recognized. So, I added it. I still have a few to go though.

Now, The Real Work Begins…

2012-01-08 23:29:17

… maybe. I’m probably done with the “ramp up” time at my new job. I’m sure that I’ll be put on a project some time this week. It’s been nice to be able to get used to working for a new company and I’ll be happy to start my first project… whatever it will be.

In the mean time, though, I’ve gotten a new laptop or two and my official badge. I’m now good to go! I can’t wait to get back to the office!

Quite the reverse from the last place, ain’t it?

Home At Last!

We’ve found a new home that we’ll be living in for two years. We go to sign the lease in a little over an hour.

I have to tell you that this place is a God-send. We were at the last of our list and had discounted the townhouses on it since all were way too small after we drove by. But this place, even though it’s a townhouse, is large enough – it’s bigger than my old townhouse in Houston and certainly way bigger than our apartment. We would have space for storage and for guests when they would come and visit us!

The place is in the center of Reston, VA which is a lovely planned community full of trees and hills. You cannot even see the strip malls from the road or from any house [that must have been a design rule or something]. And the storefronts are all tastefully done. For those of you familiar with the Houston area, this feels like the Woodlands, only less confusing.

Gotta run! More later…