Ah, Vacation…

And we’re back from Houston, where we got to eat some great food and see our families and a few friends. So I get to go back to work first thing in the moring. I guess it’s a good thing that I bought some new motorcycle gloves for winter riding as it will be quite chilly in the morning.

At least this is only a two-day work week for me and then there’s Christmas and a three-day week after.

The Kennedy Center

Tonight, my company [Microsoft] is throwing a “Holiday” party [I’ll call it a Christmas party] at the Kennedy Center. I’ve never been there – at least not inside, but this is where the Washington, D.C. symphony plays and it’s rather big. Working for Microsoft certainly has its perks, and they are known for throwing big parties. In this case, Laura and I will be attending a pre-concert mixer and then a concert. I have no idea what is playing, but I’m sure it will be good.

This picture I have is from two years ago when I was travelling here while working for IBM and staying in a hotel in the area. I had lots more time to waste on taking pictures then! Well, I have the time, but I choose to spend it a little differently now.

Speaking of parties: what the heck is “dressy casual”? That’s what we were instructed to dress to.

Yet Another Mileage Run

This year will likely be my last year as a Continental Platinum member. However, I can still salvage Elite status by earning Silver. In order to do so, in addition to our trip home to Houston for vacation, I will be taking a day to make a run around the country.

Unlike last year’s run which took me to San Francisco, this year I will visit the Las Vegas airport as well as Newark and Houston. That was the cheapest flight. That will give me enough miles to be Silver for next year. I guess I have to give up Platinum [top tier] status, but the price of earning that is just way too high. Next year for work, I will be doing some travelling for training in the first three months, so I should earn a good chunk of qualifying miles then. Maybe I’ll even pay for a vacation flight… or not.