Travel Buddy

One piece of good news in this dismal week is that Laura is now with me in Washington, DC. Together, we will brave the political maelstrom [not that we can really see it, but you know what I mean…] and tour our nation’s capitol. We hope to visit as many museums and monuments as we can and maybe even take some good pictures. I tried before, but I never really wanted to wander around town all alone… it’s kinda depressing. But no more! I have a travel buddy. And even better: I have a holiday tomorrow so I can rest from the previous week’s emotional roller coaster.

Saying Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to Jason in a memorial service at which were gathered numerous friends and family – all of which had fond and funny memories of Jason. I have my own stories of escapades and adventures with Jason, but it is good to hear the stories of others. It is good to hear that he didn’t just affect me – he touched us all. His work ethic is legendary; his love for children boundless; his tenacity frightening; and his passion for life infectious.

It is always awkward to think that in order for some of us to get together, someone had to die. His death has brought many old friends together again – something which may have never happened otherwise. For that, at least, I can be thankful. I do not welcome his continued absence; nor do I welcome the thought of diving without him. But these things we must all endure until we, as well, at last are called home and once again reunited with old friends and family long gone.


Our friend Jason sleeps – he is unaware of what goes on around him. Our hearts are in pain as we fear for his life. He hovers tenuously between life and death. Our prayers are with him, and those of many others. Jason is loved and we all hope for his rapid, immediate recovery. Please, if you find it in your heart to pray, pray for him.

Tax Time Coming

I can’t wait for tax time. You know why? ‘Cause I usually have a large return coming. I’d like it not to be so large [I don’t really enjoy giving the federal government a tax-free loan], but I’ll take it this year. I usually have so many deductions that it’s hard to put enough exemptions into my payroll deduction. However, selling the house has put a large dent in my itemized deduction capabilities and from now on, I will be making itemized deductions based solely on my charitable contributions… Good thing I’ve started tithing to my church! [For those of you who don’t know, “tithing” is the practice of donating 10% of one’s income.] It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have been too overwhelmed by my personal consumer debt to attempt to give. However, the time is fast approaching when that debt will be gone forever and the credit cards, which are only used as balance transfer agents these days, will be canceled and cut into tiny, tiny bits.

Laura and I also make a practice of donating our least-used clothing items and often times [especially in our recent “downsizing” of our residence] furniture to charitable organizations. This gives us a good feeling of not being wasteful with what we have as well as giving us a nice tax deduction for our non-cash contributions – you should try it! It’s kinda fun, too!

What Happened To The Snow?

It used to be cold here. There used to be white powder everywhere. No more. Today, the high got into the mid-sixties. That’s rather warm for Washington, DC in the winter – almost Houston warm. It makes me feel like I’m home… sort of. Well, not quite.

I am getting used to being here, however. I’m learning to navigate the Metro and a general feel of where things are. I even walked up to the White House and took a picture. No, it’s not posted yet. Since I’m using my film camera these days until I save up for the digital SLR I want, it takes time to get the film developed.

Soon, A Vacation…

I need a vacation. I’ve been working and traveling for eons, it seems. Well, not entirely, but mostly. I did get off around Christmas… but that’s not the point. I’m taking next week off and I’m not going ANYWHERE! That’s right – a vacation to nowhere. I’ve recently begun to appreciate that – even more so now that I’m married to a wonderful person. In the last two years, I have not had any significant down-time at my job, so I’ve been working or on the go the whole time with no break between projects even. That’s pretty rare. Maybe the business will slow down a bit so I can rest… Well, that’s not what I really want, though. They wouldn’t give me a raise if that happened, and I’d really like a raise.

The weather here in DC is very nice for this time of year – hardly any clouds in the sky today and quite unseasonably warm. Question is: will it be like this when Laura comes up? Who knows… She’ll be coming up here in a couple of weeks and then I won’t be so lonely. I’m counting the days…