Technological Distractions

Since obtaining my new phone, I can’t seem to put it down. Laura has already had a few comments about that, but I keep wanting to play with it. Over all, I’m happy with it, but I still have much to get used to. I’ve enable “voice dialing” for some numbers, which I have to say is amazing. [could do this with my old phone, but I can do much more with voice on this one and I’m not limited to 10 numbers.]

It’s hard to put down a new toy, but I know I have to periodically. I love gadgets – I just can’t let them take over.


After having ordered my new phone, I forgot that I would have to order some storage for it. In order to download all of my email, I need a 1GB MiniSD card, so I’m going to get one from Actually, I just submitted the order.

Anyway: the phone arrived at home today. Of course, I’m not home right now so I have to wait until I get off work to start playing with it.

And I can’t set up my email synchronization until the new card arrives. But at least I can get the basics set up.

The Phone Cometh

I’ve finally ordered a new cell phone. My old one was getting hard to use – sometimes the buttons didn’t work, or it would answer for no reason when I was not near the phone.

So, I’m going with the Cingular 8100 – the non-camera version of the 8125. It’s a Windows Mobile 5 device and will be my first “smart” anything…

I hope I like it.

A New Look?

Let’s take a poll: is it time for a new look on my site? I’ll listen to your opinion. Tell me if you think I should:

A) Do nothing – it’s great.
B) Maybe change the picture and color a little, but leave the rest of the structure the same.
C) Complete overhaul.

I may not do what you want, but I’m interested in your thoughts.


I have always wanted to take pictures of lightning striking out of a thunderstorm and I thought tonight was my chance. It was not to be, however. While the thunderstorm rages outside [without rain so far], all the flashes have either been behind a cloud or below the tree line.

Guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

Fiscal Year’s End

This week marks the end of the “fiscal year” for my employer. This is good news – I’ve been working non-stop without a break so that I can make the numbers I need and Friday is the end of that working streak. This means I’m SO ready for a vacation. I really want to take some time off – but not as much as last year: moving and other absences killed my utilization numbers [which is why I’ve had to work so long without a break].

So, in July, I’ll be glad to take a vacation. I might even get a few days off next week for bench time. Haven’t had THAT in a while.

VoIP Concerns

I’m seeing some strange things about Verizon suing Vonage over some aspect of Voice over IP technology – even as far as asking for an immediate “cease and desist” offering service to all their customers. Most analysts say that Verizon is gravely worried over the loss of many of their customers [myself included – although I certainly give them enough money for my Fios connection] to Vonage and other VoIP providers.

This concerns me since I’m a customer. What happens if they’re successful? They will kill Vonage. I doubt they’ll get all they ask for, but it’s still not good for the industry. No one even saw this coming – there were no earlier “confrontations” in which Verizon told Vonage to “stop or we’ll sue” or some such. If they succeed at taking Vonage out of the picture, it does not bode well for the other much smaller competitors out there. Then, I’ll be back where I was – stuck with Verizon and a monopoly.

I checked out Verizon’s competing service and for a begining, it’s not too bad – it’s even the same price as Vonage, but there aren’t near as many features. No “virtual phone numbers” and I didn’t see pricing for a fax line, either.

I guess we’ll have to watch and see…

Big Oops

I hate it when I “fix” something that was working just fine – and doesn’t work anymore. I did that to my email server. So, I can receive email just fine, but for those of you waiting replies… well, you’ll just have to wait a bit until I get home. Seems I can’t send. Funny thing is: I have no idea how this happened.

Can You Believe It?

I actually made it to the gym last night. Laura and I went and worked out. Now – I hope my shoulder gets better with regular workouts. I’m still hurting and somewhat weak in the shoulder joint after our motorcycle wreck last Summer. This is the same shoulder that I had surgery on several years ago.

After the accident, I went to physical therapy to get it stretched out and strengthened, but it’s been a long road. Then came the batting cage incident. I was practicing batting left-handed when one swing made my right shoulder pop out of joint briefly. It went right back in, but I pulled something and it’s been hurting for three weeks at least.

So, maybe some regular strength training on my shoulder will help things heal up quickly.

I’m A Slacker

I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. I can tell. My body is feeling restless and uncomfortable – and easily fatigued. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually maintained a good workout schedule, so I think it’s time I started again. I have to try – I’m getting older by the minute.

Maybe I should post my success/failures here online so that I can be held accountable…

I don’t know – I have to think about that.