Toasty Fingers

Now, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve put handgrip warmers on the bike. The trick now is to get the wires connected to the right places. I think I did it right, but I’m testing them right now to see if all is okay. They got warm briefly, but with the high-beams on. I wired them to the high-beam circuit, but I was hoping to get the hot wire and not the switched wire.

I may have to move the wire to the low beams. In fact, I’m certain that I will have to. I just need a new wire fastener to do so, and then I can put the bike back together and ride in the cold!

Only… not tomorrow. It’s 9 degrees by some measures here right now. I don’t think that’s warm enough even for handgrip heaters.

2 thoughts on “Toasty Fingers”

  1. Reminds me of my high school band days. The school bus we took to away games didn”t have a stereo, so one of my buddies put a car stereo, a power booster and some 6×9 speakers in a box he built (he now builds custom high-end cabinetry for a living). He convinced the bus driver to tap into the running lights circuits so we could have music. Only, the first time, he got the wrong circuit, and we only heard music when we were stopped or slowing down.


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