More New Software

In the effort to enhance my knowledge and experience [and to have fun] I have installed the beta version of Microsoft Exchange 2007 on my new server. I’m in the process of moving my mailbox over to the new server – I hope I don’t lose messages!

I’ll let you know how it goes…

UPDATE: Well, looks as if I don’t have the server configured correctly so I can’t check my email with OWA. I guess I’ll have to learn some more about the new Exchange…


Today, I have taken the plunge and installed Windows Vista Beta 2. For those of you who don’t know, this is the new version of the Windows operating system. Only, it’s not released yet and probably not ready for prime time, but I’ve been encouraged by the powers that be to go with the new beta version.

I have to say, it’s quite nice and spiffy. I had some difficulty getting the wireless to work, but it’s going now and seems very reliable. I also like the new offine files functionality.

Let’s hope the whole OS is very stable….

One Year!

I have passed my one-year-with-Microsoft anniversary. Actually, it was the 23rd. And it has certainly been an interesting year – one that has taken me from Texas to the DC area and put me on the bottom rung of the ladder to climb again.

I also got vested in part of my stock award – which is nowhere near as large as it should be anymore [what with the stock price and all…], but it will do.

“Go, stock, go! Let’s see you hit 30 again!”

Server Fix – Update

So far, the server motherboard replacement efforts have proven successful. There have been no unusual reboots or any other odd behavior. So, it looks as if there will be no repairs needed at this time – and hopefully for quite a long time. At least I’ve moved to a redundant architecture now – except for RAM and CPU which will be redundant at some time in the future.

Now, I just have to finish organizing my pictures…

Spring Cleaning

2012-01-08 23:29:34

It has begun. What started out as an idea in our minds is now coming into reality. First victim: my office… sorry, OUR office. [it will take a bit to get use to that] Since we moved Laura down here, we haven’t really cleaned it up. So, today, we are doing that. We’ve hung more pictures and moved ones I had into other places that work better with the arrangement.

There’s been a lot of dust kicked up, so we’ve been sneezing a little, but that’s okay: Laura’s pretty handy with that dust cloth. I’ve even gotten my computers in a more neat-looking configuration. Not to mention all the new clear desk space I have again.

There was so much clutter in here – now that it’s gone, the place looks bigger. Of course, now we have to find a place to store the “clutter” that was here. I suspect we’ll be working on more than just my office during our Spring Cleaning phaze…


We have just discovered Kaboodle [thanks to my friend Pete]. Kaboodle is a centralized way to have one wish list encompas many online vendors. For example, many of you know that I have an Amazon wish list. But did you know I had one at B&H Photo Video as well? I bet you didn’t [not that you could afford what’s there anyway, but you get the point]. Not only would I need a new wish list for each site, some sites would be cheaper, but because they may not offer wish lists, I would have to find a way to add that item in Amazon.

Enter Kaboodle. Kaboodle is a nice way to have one place for all of your wish lists. It does other things too, but I haven’t used them. Both Laura and I have set up Kaboodle wish lists. Go check them out! [you don’t have to buy anything… this time!]

Jeff’s Wish List
Laura’s Wish List

[These links will also permanently be on the top left hand side of my web site in case you care…]

Can’t See The Forest… At All

On my way into work this morning, I was very thankful that Laura loaned me the use of her car. It began to rain about a half mile into my 46 mile commute. I’ve been working at a location in the mountains near West Virginia and when it rains in Reston, it really rains up there – and it’s colder.

So, at the base of the foothils, I began to notice not just rain, but fog. By the time I turned off the main road onto the street where I’m working [which climbs steeply up a mountain slope] the fog got so thick that I couldn’t see 30 feet in front of me. Had I been riding my motorcycle, I would not only be soaked, but blind as well – there are no wipers on my helmet.

Thank you, Laura!

The Insurmountable Task

Have you ever invenntoried your photo collection? I don’t mean rough count or taken a quick look… I mean found an organizational system, say by date/shoot, and categorized and filed all the digital pictures you ever took? Well, if you have you know it’s a big job. For me, however, it’s more than big – it’s GI-NORMOUS. I have over 7,000 digital photos taken over a span of 8 years. I haven’t actually had a digital camera all that time, but I have scans of my film shots from back then. I have been trying to organize my photos since I decided that I would go ‘pro’.

Once I decided that, I had to find a system. I chose by date and shoot. My photos were previously oganized by location, and some by date under the location. However, there are so many different days at each location that it is still VERY tedious. I’ve only done a small percentage, like maybe 10% or so, but it’s taken me weeks to get this far. The pictures I take since I made my decision, though, are already organized – at least I don’t have to re-do those!

I can’t wait until I have to get back to putting my negatives in sleves… well, maybe I can wait.

Server Fix

After thinking I had fixed my server problem by flashing the BIOS, five days later the problem happened again. So, I called for a replacement from ASUS. I have to say that they are quite helpful and I received a new board without having to take out and ship back the old one. My first attempt at installing it for some reason didn’t work and I was about to send it back. The helpful technician told me to try it again, so I put it back in the server only to find out that it DID work… I didn’t do anything different. These things just happen…

Anyway, my data server is now fully functional and the odd reboot behavior hasn’t shown up yet – I know, it’s only been a few days, but the longer it lasts without a reboot, the better my chances are that this won’t happen again.