More Belize & Happy Thanksgiving!

After three full dive days at the Turneffe Flats resort, we hopped on the boat back to the mainland for a journey to the interior of this beautiful country. On our way in, we saw four very large cruise ships station keeping off the coast of Belize City. Since there’s no deep-water harbor there, they have to anchor offshore and use water-taxis to get the people off. Four at once, though, was quite a sight. There were boats streaming back and forth to each one causing quite a lot of wakes. I’m certainly glad we didn’t chose that mode of transportation.

Here’s a picture of the sunrise on our last day on the atoll. (well, it’s got a little extra “dynamic range” but it’s true to the emotion… 🙂 ) This was taken from the deck of our ocean-front cabana.


So, after several days of exertion, today is a day of rest and thanksgiving: we’re both thankful that we have the privilege to be able to go on a trip like this – it’s certainly something worth saving up for.

Here is a picture of where I’m sitting right now while I type this entry:


From ocean to jungle. The weather is great up here, and we’re glad since there’s no air conditioning. It does take a little getting used to since when we left, it was close to freezing.

I’m working on getting the pictures ready for posting, but since the bandwidth is so limited, I will not put the on the site until we get home.

That’s it for now: here’s wishing you all a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving day!

The Belize Experience

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this post since I’m exhausted, but I wanted to let you all know that Laura and I are having a great time. We’ve been in Belize a couple of days now and really love the place so far. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in town the first night and made friends with the owners.

Then, we went out to the Turneffe Atoll where we are now. We’ve been on three dives already and we’re TIRED. So, here are a few samples to tide you over.


More to come!