On The Road Again

Soon, in a couple of weeks, I’ll be on the road again for training – work training. The first week will be TechReady in Seattle where thousands of Microsoft field employees gather for a massive training event. Then, after a very brief sojourn at home, I go back to the area, Redmond this time, for the first half of an intesive training program – the Directory Ranger program.

It’s the “alpha” version of a new certification program that will augment the existing Microsoft Certified Architect – Messaging [aka: Exchange Ranger] with an equivalent certification for directory skills. I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected for the first round of training and, while it will be difficult and intense, it proves to be satisfyingly challenging as well. I perhaps will acheive some level of recognition for my skills that was previously lacking – as well as getting noticed for some “leadership” skills. This class is not yet open to the public, but will soon be and I will be on the cutting edge of the program.

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