Today on my way to work, I happened to notice that my mileage hit 18081 – a nice palindrome. I began to think – this seems to happen almost every one hundred miles or so. For example, my next palindrome will be 18281 followed by 18381, 18481, etc. There are hiccups when you switch to the 19000 mile range, so now instead of 19081 [which would be 100 miles from 18981], the next palindromal mileage mark is at 19091, or 110 miles later.There will be another skip at 19991 miles, which will be 20002, or 11 miles…

In an earlier phase, palindromes are easier to hit. For example, starting with 1 [by definition a palindrome, but a very boring one…] you get 2,3,4, etc. which are 1 apart. The next big leap, then is 11, which is 2 from 9 [not sure how this fits into the pattern yet…]. From 11, we have 22, 33, 44, etc. which are 11 apart. The next change in distance, then is 101, which is, strange enough, 2 from 99. The next series is 10 apart: 111, 121, etc. Then from 191 to 202 is again 11 apart. Moving from 999 to 1001 is only 2 steps [there’s that 2 again], but the next sequence is 110 apart: 1111, 1221, 1331, etc growing from 1991 to 2002 by stepping 11 [yet again].

So: adding a digit means you skip either 2 or 11 depending on whether or not the number of digits is odd or even – going from odd, you skip 2 and from even, 11. So, from 99999 to 100001 is only 2 apart. Nice, eh?

Okay – I know: enough already.

I love playing with numbers in my head – besides, it gives me something to think about while I ride since I can’t listen to the radio or anything. I wonder if I’ll ever hit 100001… Probobly not on this bike. In the car, definitely.

More Photography

Today, Laura and I drove out to Richmond to take pictures of our friends’ daughter’s birthday party. It was our first “official” birthday party gig that we were asked to take pictures at – and we even brought some business cards so that the other parents could order prints of the pictures. I don’t expect to make money off this engagement really, but I wanted to build some solid experience. Plus, it helps build the portfolio.

The wedding we did last weekend really prepared me for this party – which was much easier. For our first time, I think we did great on the wedding and I have about 1000 or so pictures from that event to turn over to the main photographer [after I do my tweaks, of course…]

Wedding Practice

Today we practiced shooting our first wedding. We are not the “main” photographers, but we will be doing most of the shooting as the photographer is part of the wedding party. It looks to be quite an educational experience as well as fun and rewarding in all kinds of ways. We have already learned a lot from the practice pictures we took today – things about exposure, lighting, manual mode – etc. We also walked around Winchester, VA and took some practice shots. We have never been downtown Winchester before, and it’s very nice and quaint – I only wish it weren’t so far off the beaten track for commuting to DC…

We’ve even been doing research online looking at other professionals’ sample shots. We’d like to get some good ones like those, but I do have to remind myself that they have been doing this much longer than I.

Tomorrow, we will see how well we do…

Great Weekend?

Did you have a good weekend? We did. We had a great visit with our friends Rob and Mel and their children. Sure, I’m still tired from last week’s work stress, but I think I got a little rest.

Next weekend will be even better – Laura and I will get to assist at a wedding photo shoot. It will be great experience for us and we’ll make a little cash, too.

One Of Those Days

Why does everything seem to fall apart on Friday? That’s what’s happening at work. It’s as if everything just waited all week to break today. So – I haven’t been able to relax all morning, but at least I’ve been able to help on one or two things.

I will say that not all is bad: the weather here is WONDERFUL. Riding in the mountains is quite nice, so today had its reward early on. It’s just when I actually got into the office that things began to go downhill. At least it’s Friday. This week will end and I will go home and visit with my friends Rob & Mel, who are coming in tonight to visit.


Mondays are always hard. I think the weekend should be 3 days long every time. I just can’t seem to get the focus I usually can get mid-week. It took me a bit today, but I eventually got going and working. It’s just harder on Mondays.

At least the weather is great for riding.

We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave

It’s supposed to get into tripple-digit temperatures here in the DC area today and maybe tomorrow as well. Everyone here is really moaning like no one has ever seen this kind of heat before – except for the last time it happened in 2002, or the time before that, or… Well, you get the idea. It happens all the time, but people forget. I forget, too. I forget how hot it was in Texas before we moved until I experience something like this again. Feels like home. Only, it feels like the part of home I don’t miss.

So, today I will tough it out riding in the 100 degree heat, and I will try to remember that it will pass…