LAN Slowdown

My Gigabit switch has died. Why? Who knows… I certainly don’t. I’m disappointed. I came home this evening and my switch had only one light on it and no link lights on at all. I have for the moment replaced it with a 100MB switch, but I wonder if Linksys will repair/replace it for me…

[UPDATE 7/28/06]: Well, what do you know? Looks like Linksys is going to replace it for me. They say it’s got a lifetime warranty. I’m lovin’ that!


I have just had my first experience with Adobe Lightroom [the beta version] and I have to say that it is VERY cool. You can do all sorts of things with it and I think that using it for managing photos is probably much more productive than using Canon’s DPP + Adobe Bridge & Photoshop CS2. Lightroom combines the functions of DPP and Bridge together… which would make editing and organizing take place in the same application. That would usually mean that I might actually do it instead of putting the orgainzing work off until later.

I haven’t done much with it yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s RAW processing capabilities are quite sophisticated. I’m anxious for the final version…

No More Vista… For Now

That’s it for my Vista running for a while. I’m gonig back to XP. Why? Well, over all, Vista is great, but there are a couple of issues that bother me for my specific needs.

  • First, there’s the fact that I cannot use the Microsoft RAW Photo Viewer to view my RAW photos. I have to use the Canon utilities and that means that no thumbs show up in the Windows Explorer.
  • Second, my laptop “loses” the monitor when I toggle to another computer on my KVM. Aparently, this is a known bug with the nVidia drivers [not a MSFT problem…]
  • And finally: [the big one] my laptop has never run hotter and the batter dies after about 15 minutes of use while unplugged. I don’t like that.

So, it’s back to the factory image for me. I like not having to install all those drivers. I will definitely go for Vista again, but the question is whether or not I wait for the RTM version due in Q4 of this year.

Oh – and I forgot: Virtual PC 2004 doesn’t work real well on Vista. I need that, too.

Goodbye SPAM?

I have noticed a massive decrease in the amount of junk and SPAM comments and trackbacks on the site since moving to WordPress. I don’t know if that because it’s harder to generate or that the automated spammers don’t yet know the links to comment yet… which I suppose is more likely the case. Either way, it’s been a good respite and I’m pleased with the overall performance and reliability. Guess I should have done this before.

A Day [Or Two] In The Big Apple

We have spent the last couple of days walking, riding, and driving around New York City and I have to say: I’m tired. No wonder the people here are skinny. Yesterday, it was so hot and humid that I think I lost 10 pounds by the end of the day. Not to worry, though. After a morning at a very small, very enthusiastic church service in the Bronx, we were invited and went to lunch at a restaurant reputed to have authentic Texas barbeque. I was not disappointed, but it wasn’t the “best” I’d had. I certainly ate enough. Possibly even enough to make up for the amount I sweated and walked out yesterday.

Tomorrow, we might do the same – only I hope for not as long. I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation.

We Have Arrived

We are now sitting in the lobby of the Waldorf=Astoria hotel. I have to say it is quite snooty. Our room is kind of small, however, but nice. Now that we have taken a very long time to get here, we are tired and hungry. I think we might even have some NY-style pizza… I hear there’s a good place around here.

Tomorrow, New York City

In the wee early hours of the morning [well, “wee early” to us at least], Laura and I will head to New York City where we will get to stay for free at the Waldorf=Astoria hotel [which I’ve mentioned before, I believe].

We’re hoping that it doesn’t rain too much due to that tropical storm off the coast, but we’ll drive through anyway. It will really only affect where we stop and visit along the way. Which reminds me: I will get to add a new state to my list of states visited: Delaware. Can’t think of any other reason I’d want to go there except as a stop along the way to somewhere else… Some people like it, I suppose…


It looks as if I will be going to Germany in September – the week before Oktoberfest. Looks like I’ll miss it by a couple of days. Not to worry, though – I’m sure it will be fun anyway.

I’ll be getting some training, well, maybe not training as such, but it’s an expert community meeting for one of my technology specialties, so I will certainly be learning a little. And it will be on the company’s dime – which means Frequent Flyer Miles! [It’s been a while since I got any of those…]

So, I’ll be staying in Hamburg – anyone been there? What’s it like? Anything cool I should be sure to check out?

[UPDATE: Make that Bad Homburg, a suburb of Frankfurt…]

A Break In The Heat Wave

Today, we are down from our “scorching” heat and into a much more pleasant temperature. This morning’s ride took me up into the mountains where the fog was still hanging and the temperature was in the low 70s. After riding up here in the high 90s a couple of days ago, I have to say that the cool weather was a much welcome relief.

As for the bike, it seems to be working okay – no more stalls or failure to start. In fact, it seems to run better than it ever has. I’ll have to keep an eye on it, though.