Oh, The Bliss

I think I could get used to this. Laura has been with me all weekend here in California and we have been driving up and down the coast, seeing new places – even shopping in some of these great malls. So, when I left for work today, I didn’t go 1400 miles away from her, she’s just down the road. I’ll be going back to her this evening and having dinner and driving around. It’s quite nice. I sometimes regret not really knowing what it’s like to have a ‘real’ job: one where I go to the office in a cube – to the same place every day in the same town where I live – having friends at the office and a predictable work schedule. But then I remember that I love to travel and Laura does too. So, we get miles and points to travel for free. Of course, now that we’re married it is a bit more difficult.

On another note, my cell phone doesn’t work, nor does hers. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It was good that no one could bother us this weekend, but bad in that I could not call for directions or call information or that my mother couldn’t notify me of a friend’s very serious illness. It’s really Cingular’s fault: the phone still thinks it’s registered in Houston and the customer service department has been waiting for the technicians to ‘fix’ something on the back end. I have to say that usually Cingular has been quick but there must have been some process changes and now I’ve been down for two and a half days and counting. Not a good record…

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