California, Here We Come!

Well, tomorrow morning Laura and I begin our first-ever joint business/pleasure trip: I will travel for business, she for pleasure! I will be working during the day, but I’m sure we’ll find some time to tour the area. Think I’ll probably have to go in real early so I can get out and enjoy the sunlight.

This week, my co-worker Greg somehow, through slieght of hand or shrewd negotiations, landed a Ford Thunderbird for a no-charge rental upgrade. Now – That’s the kind of ride I need to grab for my week with the wife in SoCal. Of course, after examining the trunk, I’d have to leave her at the airport and ferry the luggage to the hotel first… kinda tight in there. And, yes, he let me drive it! It feels exactly as I would imagine the ’57 T-Bird did originally… big throaty engine roar with a slushy suspension. It positively ROLLS through the turns. No high speed cornering in that car.

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