DiveTurkey IV

Well, we’ve done it again. We have finally decided on a location: Cozumel. It’s an old traditional stand-by, but Laura has never been diving there. In fact, it’s even a repeat location. DiveTurkey I was in Florida, DiveTurkey II was in Cozumel (that was three years ago – we skipped last year), and DiveTurkey III was in Roatan.

DiveTurkey started several years ago and has become a tradition. My parents don’t really like it though: they’d rather I spend the holiday with them. Sorry, Mom. Laura went with us on DiveTurkey III to Roatan and really enjoyed it. It was her first dive trip and we had a very good time learning each others’ dive style. I also got to use my underwater housing for the first time. As it says on the title… Lots of Pictures!

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