Little Blue M Car


I’ve gone and done it again – bought a BMW M Roadster.

This one is a 2006 Z4-based one, and I have to say that it is even more fun to drive than the older ones I had earlier. The rear end is much more stable and it has all the convenience factors that I’ve become used to: auto-on headlights, rain-sensing wiper, and Bluetooth integration to name a few.

The ride is firm, but not hard and it has enough power to really move when it needs to.

We drive down to a dealer, Godspeed Motors [who by the way are very nice and helpful people], just south of Charlotte, NC to pick it up. We showed up at the dealer’s at 9:30AM, test drove, check it out, bought it, sold the old 330xi to them, and hit the road by 11:00AM. We ended up driving back through Greensboro and then Richmond.

My overall impression of the car is that while it doesn’t have the retro appeal of the Z3-based M Roadster, the quality is greater and the ride is much improved. Which means that I’m quite happy with my purchase. 🙂

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