Making Progress

Sometimes, you can catch up with all of the work you have sitting in front of you. That’s how we’ve been feeling with all of our pictures. Right now, we have over 9300 pictures sitting in our “to process” queue. What that means is that we’ve taken pictures over the last 4 years that we’ve done nothing with… not even reviewed and filed in some cases.

So, this afternoon, we made a decision to find a café and just do a few directories of pictures each. Laura replicated some of the folders from the server, and I have them ALL on my laptop [thanks to a 500GB second hard drive]. We started at lunch, but felt we had to leave the restaurant after a couple of hours. Now, we’re at a nice coffee shop in Reston which has good WiFi connectivity.

Laura is halfway through her directory, I’m halfway through my planned files and I got sidetracked and did more that weren’t on the list.

Here’s to finally moving out those pictures in the 2007 timeframe! Maybe…

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