All Moved In

We’re all moved into our new place now, and after a week’s worth of vacation around the moving weekend, I’m back at the office. It’s much more physically relaxing here, that’s for sure. No carrying heavy book boxes… oh -wait. I didn’t do that – the guys did that. See, I have friends… lots of them. And they all showed up of Saturday to help me move. They did a bang-up job. Really fast, too.

So – here’s to you all who helped: THANK YOU!!! (and I’ll try not to move again any time soon…)

We love the new house, and my ride into the office today was not bad at all. Only too about 15 minutes to get back to the Reston area where I’m working for a while. I even have some cool neighbors – I can walk to my friend John’s house… not that I would actually walk or anything…

We may be moved in, but we’re cetainly not settled. There are many hundreds of boxes to finish unpacking yet. My work away from work.

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