Office At Last

And I don’t mean for work!

I’ve finally gotten Laura’s desk set up and her computer assembled down in the dungeon/office space at the new house. There are some “fitting” issues we need to solve – like a longer ethernet cable for her and some more space to store our stuff [unless we get rid of some more stuff…]

All in all, though, we like the place pretty well. Very well, in fact. We just need different furniture in this place: not everything we had fits very well in it. Of course, it was like that in the old place, but not so bad. We’re looking at having to buy some furniture to replace some of the pieces that we were borrowing in our old place, like a second couch and the wardrobe that I kept my motorcycle gear in.

So, here I am – downstairs with all computers operational again [except the Toshiba laptop, which for some reason is very unstable] typing on my blog. I know I’ve been remiss on my postings, but hopefully things will settle down some and I’ll have some more time to let you all know what’s going on ’round here.

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