Spring Cleaning

2012-01-08 23:29:34

It has begun. What started out as an idea in our minds is now coming into reality. First victim: my office… sorry, OUR office. [it will take a bit to get use to that] Since we moved Laura down here, we haven’t really cleaned it up. So, today, we are doing that. We’ve hung more pictures and moved ones I had into other places that work better with the arrangement.

There’s been a lot of dust kicked up, so we’ve been sneezing a little, but that’s okay: Laura’s pretty handy with that dust cloth. I’ve even gotten my computers in a more neat-looking configuration. Not to mention all the new clear desk space I have again.

There was so much clutter in here – now that it’s gone, the place looks bigger. Of course, now we have to find a place to store the “clutter” that was here. I suspect we’ll be working on more than just my office during our Spring Cleaning phaze…

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