We have just discovered Kaboodle [thanks to my friend Pete]. Kaboodle is a centralized way to have one wish list encompas many online vendors. For example, many of you know that I have an Amazon wish list. But did you know I had one at B&H Photo Video as well? I bet you didn’t [not that you could afford what’s there anyway, but you get the point]. Not only would I need a new wish list for each site, some sites would be cheaper, but because they may not offer wish lists, I would have to find a way to add that item in Amazon.

Enter Kaboodle. Kaboodle is a nice way to have one place for all of your wish lists. It does other things too, but I haven’t used them. Both Laura and I have set up Kaboodle wish lists. Go check them out! [you don’t have to buy anything… this time!]

Jeff’s Wish List
Laura’s Wish List

[These links will also permanently be on the top left hand side of my web site in case you care…]

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