Cycle Reclamation

2012-01-08 23:29:05

I have stolen my father’s motorcycle back. He was in town for a couple of weeks, so I made sure I gave his bike back – all clean and fully serviced. But, as he’s now gone again, it’s open season on his vehicles! So, I went and picked it up on Sunday. I’ve been riding it a lot this week already. I know he might be coming home permanently so I have to get my riding in before he’s here for good. Now, I know I can borrow his bike anytime I want a ride, but it’s quite a drive over to my parents’ house. So I ride…

Some might think that August in Houston is way too hot to be out of the air conditioned spaces we live in… and you would be right. However, this year has had some surprisingly cool weather. So, while stopped at traffic lights and stop signs, I feel the heat of the engine and surrounding atmosphere pressing in. Once I get going, though, it’s actually pretty nice. Not cool by any stretch of the imagination, but quite a relief from sitting still in the humid air.

I think I’ll have to go for another ride tonight…

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