Working from home these last two days has been wonderful. I’ve been able to see my wife each and every day, and go upstairs and sleep in my own bed every night. I just have to keep focused. That’s the big problem with working at home – distraction. Of course, I do get to work on my home network in my spare time between typing in the documents.

This weekend, I have had opportunity to play with ISA Server 2004. I think I like it. It’s quite a flexible Internet proxy, caching, firewall, and VPN server. The interface is a little vague and the on-line help sparse, but once you get the basics down, most configurations are quite simple. There are wizards for everything. It might be overkill for the home network, but it looks pretty good for a medium sized enterprise – assuming you want to put a firewall on a server instead of a dedicated piece of hardware.

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