Much To My Chagrin

It  seems I have NOT found the problem with my server. After migrating the data [all 400GB of it] to non-RAID drives and removing the RAID card, the server still crashed. I’m now down to two remaining pieces: the video card [not likely, but I still have to try] and the motherboard. The drives, case, & power supply are still there, but are not likely causes of the problem. I’ve even replaced the motherboard once already for this same problem. So, I’m trying the next item: the video card [it’s also much cheaper]. After the crash last night, I’m begining to wonder if the PCI-E databus is bad on the motherboard. So, I’ve found a way to crash it: simply defrag the drives. That kills it.

Anyway, I’m testing the video card today and if it crashes while defragging, I will know that the card isn’t the problem just like the RAID card really isn’t the problem. I was hoping, but… well, at least if it’s the video card, that’s much cheaper…

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