Not a real exciting post, but I’ve upgraded my Vista RC1 installation to RC2. I’ll probably have to wait until I’m fully at work before I know how much better it is. So far, it works fine processing my pictures for archival and posting… which is a good thing to do on this rainy day.

Oh – and this time, I didn’t wipe the machine out, I just did the “upgrade”. It took a little longer for the OS, but I didn’t have to reinstall all of my applications – which made it MUCH faster on the whole.

64-bit Vista

I’m trying it again. Today, I unintentionally wiped out my laptop so, I’ve decided to give the 64-bit version of Vista RC1 a go. So far, so good. Not very many 64-bit printer drivers out there, though. There’s supposed to be a new release candidate coming out soon, so I’ll try out the upgrade for that when I get it.


So far, I have been on a consistent workout schedule for a little over a week. This means that I did a full workout 3 days last week. This includes both a cardio segment and a weight trainging segment. This week, we started out differently. In order to build a routine that I can work consistently, I have split up the segments. I will now do weights on MWF and running on TThS. This allows me to squeeze the gym time into the morning without making me get up at 5am.

Let’s hope that I can continue to be disciplined.