Remotely Connected

2012-01-08 23:29:50

I’m presently working at a location [near Alexandria, VA] where I’m unable to plug in my laptop. Not that I’m not allowed, but I’m in the center of a room and finding cables and ports is kind of a chore. So – I turned on Bluetooth on my phone, established a pairing with my computer, and dialed up the Internet.

Yep. Internet from the phone. It’s better than the old CSD line speed of 9.6kbps – I’m connected at EDGE speeds of 184kbps. Not bad, but not all that zippy. Verizon & Sprint have a better data service. Of course, Cingular does too, but my phone can’t use it. They’re supposed to have a new model coming out soon that will support it.

Maybe I’ll get one of those…

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