While Laura is upstairs learning how best to organize her scrapbook supplies and such, I’m taking yet another stab at finishing organizing my pictures. I have still so many more to go, but I will eventually get them all in the proper place so that I can begin to tag and burn them to DVD. Yes, I actually already have them in two places, so they are backed-up to a point. But, I want an off-computer backup. That’s where the DVDs come in.

What I am doing with the pictures, though, is organizing by shoot. There are several rules I have come to apply to this process. 1) A shoot cannot be more than one day long. Say you have a trip and you take several days worth of photos. Each day would be at least its own shoot. 2) A shoot must have a common theme or location. So, in the trip example above, you went to Paris. You would have a “shoot” of the Eifel tower, and a “shoot” of the Louvre. 3) Sometimes, a shoot consists of one photo.

So, I am breaking up my shoots into years: 1998, 1999, etc. on up through 2006 so far [duh]. The most space is taken up by 2006 since I have the 5D pictures in there [13MB a piece]. New shoots are easier to organize. What’s taking so long are the old shoots. I had previously taken over 6,000 pictures. Most, I had organized into trips, some into days. However, I had another copy of these pictures organized by category: flowers, mountains, people, etc. These are taking quite a while to go through.

Back to work I go…

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