I have a new phone. It’s a Nokia 6200. It’s quite cool – color screen, Tri-band GSM, EDGE/GPRS data service. Of course, I can’t quite figure out how to connect my laptop over that “high-speed” connection. [I say: “high-speed” because it’s only relative. Previously, I could dial up with my mobile phone at 9.6kbps. Now, it’s supposed to be around 40kbps. Much better, but still not “fast”.] Unfortunately, everything I try does not seem to work. I’m on the phone with Cingular right now to figure this out… Of course, I’ve been transferred 5 times already and no one seems to know where to send me.

After discussing this with a technician, it seems there is proprietary software for this function that I need to obtain – plus a data cable [even though the phone comes with a nice infrared port]. The things I go through…

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