Large And In Charge

Much to my chagrin, they have made me the lead for this project. I’m not sure how it happened – in fact, it kinda snuck up on me. All that is left to me is to do my best and hope all works out well. So: while I’m at high elevations here in Colorado Springs panting with every other step in the thin air, I am learning the burden of responsibility. What is that burden you might ask? Tasks. Lists. Timetables. Juggling. It’s organization and time management. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be typing this because I could certainly use my time better elsewhere! But, I did need to write it down and I so love to share…

While I’m here I will try to see friends and maybe even visit my sister in Wyoming. Too bad I forgot the camera – I coulda taken cool pictures from Pike’s Peak.

One thought on “Large And In Charge”

  1. Congrats. You”ve succeeded in crawling your way up to middle management. 🙂 Don”t let that power go to your head! You”re already lightheaded enough at that altitude 🙂


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