Wireless Workplace

Don’t you love technology? I mean, until recently, we were all relegated to working at our work locations – offices, customers sites, etc. in order to do our jobs. Now, I can either work from home or work from a place like Panera with free WiFi. I mean, when you can get great coffee and bagels and just sit and work on whatever you want, things are just good.

Recently, I have obtained better access to a server we bought to assist in development for a project. I took it and have rebuilt it as a new Windows Server 2008 box, complete with the new Hyper-V beta software [don’t worry if you don’t know what that is… it’s the newest version of Virtual Server] to run some test boxes. My final aim will be to make the server a TS Gateway box so that all machines can be accessed via the same internet connection across port 443. But, I think I need a new IP address for that.

How does this tie in with the subject? Well, TS Gateway will allow for access to the server lab from anywhere regardless of network firewall restrictions as long as the Internet is available. So, it’s very handy for working at places like Panera, or even customer sites.

So, back to the old “grind” [heh – nice pun, eh? Grind? Coffee… get it… ? … nevermind…]

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