The Insurmountable Task

Have you ever invenntoried your photo collection? I don’t mean rough count or taken a quick look… I mean found an organizational system, say by date/shoot, and categorized and filed all the digital pictures you ever took? Well, if you have you know it’s a big job. For me, however, it’s more than big – it’s GI-NORMOUS. I have over 7,000 digital photos taken over a span of 8 years. I haven’t actually had a digital camera all that time, but I have scans of my film shots from back then. I have been trying to organize my photos since I decided that I would go ‘pro’.

Once I decided that, I had to find a system. I chose by date and shoot. My photos were previously oganized by location, and some by date under the location. However, there are so many different days at each location that it is still VERY tedious. I’ve only done a small percentage, like maybe 10% or so, but it’s taken me weeks to get this far. The pictures I take since I made my decision, though, are already organized – at least I don’t have to re-do those!

I can’t wait until I have to get back to putting my negatives in sleves… well, maybe I can wait.

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