Project: Limbo

I think that’s what I’ll call this project from now on. When people ask my what I’m working on, I’ll say: “I’m working in Limbo right now.” I will go to Tucson next week for the second half of the week and all of the week after. After that I hear whispers about Australia and “other international sites” but nothing concrete. I wish I could actually MAKE PLANS!!! I think I need a new job. One where I can go home every night.

This seems to be the ongoing rant on my site. I guess I should have something more interesting to complain about…

2 thoughts on “Project: Limbo”

  1. Australia? Like they’ll ever let me go. I was supposed to go on 3/22, but now they say: “It might be 4 weeks out… we haven’t even ordered the hardware…” Yeah. Right. I ain’t goin’.


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