Tucson, It Is

2012-01-08 23:28:55

For now, I will be working in Tucson, Arizona. A nice place, really… at least in Winter or Spring. Today was really nice. I got off a nice short [read: less than 3 hour] flight and took a slow drive to the customer site with the windows down. It’s odd, really. I can tell I really live in a big city when places like Tucson seem… well… quiet. I asked the receptionist in the office if today it was really quiet outside and she looked at me like I was insane. Aparently, this time of year is quite loud and busy for Tucson. Summer is when it’s really quiet.

Hmm… Don’t know if I could handle THAT much quiet. I guess I just get used to a certain background ‘hum’ that seems to be present in all of the larger cities I go to. I don’t get close to the ‘open range’ on most projects. It’s good to breath cleaner, drier air once in a while.

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