Psychotic Laptop

Don’t you hate it when your computer begins to think for itself? It often develops a personality of it’s own – somehow, the whole is greater than the parts of the installed programs. Can self-awareness arise from having too many applications on one’s computer? I think it might happen. A sheer coincidence of random data producing what could only be defined as “attitude”. In fact, I think it has happened to my laptop.

Now, many others have seen the phenomenon, but I have always scoffed. This time, though, I know they did not lie. Nor were they mistaken. Computers are as stubborn as mules and fickle as teen-aged girls. I know this. I have seen it. After months of struggling with my computer, it finally dawned on me that I had given it too much information: that it had learned to think on it’s own. In my final effort to maintain superiority over the machine, I have wiped out my previous installation of Windows. I now have a clean, fresh machine.

One hopes that this one will not learn the habits of it’s virtual predecessor. If it does, I am in for more trouble.

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