2012-01-08 23:28:49

Have you ever gotten to a point where no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t seem like you can make any progress? I feel that way sometimes with my pictures. I have so many pictures and things I need to post and configure on my site that it sometimes seems that I can never finish it.

So: in order to catch up, I have been posting my humongous backlog of pictures. I am posting some pictures and movies (yes, Gallery will do movies as well) to the wedding album. “Wedding album?” you say. Well, you can’t see it yet. I have it hidden until I put enough things in there. It is in the first album on the gallery page, but you just can’t see it. So, once I upload more pictures, I’ll open it up for everyone to look at. I just didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about them. No, they are a large part of my backlog.

Once I got married, my free time hasn’t been quite what it was, Thank God! So, I don’t spend as much time on the computer anymore. All these pictures and movies have been sitting there waiting for me to get to them. And now that my project has slowed a little, I have some free time in the evenings to do some photo correction and posting.

One day, maybe I’ll catch up…

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